ByRei - dynDiv

Simple dynamic Divs by Markus Bordihn

The ByRei - Dynamic Div official Web page

Welcome to my small page for the Dynamic Div (dynDiv) JavaScript.

[dynDiv Logo]

This JavaScript make it possible to make a movable and re sizable div very simple.
It has also support to limit the movements and also support drop Areas.
You only need to add the special class and include the javascript and its worked ;).

This Javascript worked on all standard Browser (Crossbrowser) such Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 6 and above.

- One JavaScript to rule them all ;)
- Support moving, resize, minimize and maximize the Div
- CPU friendly Event Handling (need only CPU power when a DIV is moving or resizeing)
- Drop Area Support with different Drop Modes (e.g: Puzzle)
- Restricted Areas, the movements and re sizing can be restricted to the browser window or to a special area
- Crossbrowser compatible (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
- Hide resize Buttons on request
- Easy Implementation over css class names
- Save and Load Position or Size of the dynDIVs
- Posibility to keep aspect Ratio
- Simple small API to used this JavaScript in other Scripts
- Easy Dynamic Divs for everyone
- Of course W3C conform
- and also JSLint checked (Source Code only)

Have Fun with this Javascript. ;)

- Markus B.